October 1, 2018



Creative Selling

“Hello, I’m calling from (insert brand name here) may I speak to (insert name here)..”
Click. And that’s as far as most get before they all hear that infamous sound of an irate prospect hanging up. I know a good few people who’d love to see the look on that hapless telemarketer’s face. But I digress.. We all get those calls. Of the several I receive in the week, on weekends, sometimes on public holidays…I’ve probably only bit once. Maybe I just bought it to get the guy to shut the hell up and leave me alone (he called incessantly). But here’s the thing: every other time, I didn’t. And, I’m pretty confident that there are a few more out there who haven’t bit, either.

So, what’s the deal? Why do businesses spend huge money and insist on doing it if they never make it past the intro? And what was it about the one time I actually did buy?
“I had him at hello…” I can almost hear that smug SOB say to colleagues over a cold one. High fives all around. That’s a hard-won victory right there. Cheers!

If you’re wondering whether there’s a better way to bring in the sales, I’ve got some good news for you. It takes harder and smarter work than simply making an emotionless, dead call. It calls for experience, strategy, smarts. What is it? Two words: Creative Selling.

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About Elton Padia

Elton is an award-winning direct response writer with over 17 years of agency experience, working on some of South Africa’s leading brands. He is the Executive Creative Director of Red 31 Advertising & Design Bureau, and an Assegai Awards judge, having judged direct campaigns in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018. To read more, visit Red 31’s home page here.