We create response-driven communication that consistently hits the mark


We opened our doors for business in August 2016, with just a single philosophy in mind - to be response-driven in everything we do. We wanted our creativity to lead the way to consumers buying more of our client’s products and services, and to make certain that we did that intelligently and within our client’s ad budget.


There’s something deeply inspiring about people who have overcome great odds… and won. Take Lieutenant Viktor Belenko, for example. He wanted to leave Russia back in 1976, but the only way out was for him to become a defector. He was trained to fly the top-secret MiG 25 Foxbat, a Mach 3 fighter that outflew anything in the West. After memorising several maps and a flight plan, and while on a training exercise, he broke formation, flew beneath the radar… all the way to Japan. The number painted big, bold and red, just in front of the massive air intakes was ’31’. Naturally, the media christened the aircraft ‘Red 31’ - and it went down in history as the plane that carried its pilot to freedom. It also became the inspiration behind our agency’s name. So, what does the Cold War, a MiG 25 and an escaped Russian fighter pilot have to do with South African advertising? For starters, Red 31 Advertising & Design Bureau is about getting brands to cross borders. From break-even to profitable. From best-kept-secret to talk-of-the-town. And from market competitor to market leader. No matter how seemingly insurmountable those borders are that your brand needs to cross, we can help. Reach out, today.